Too Much Red Not Enough Red (4wr01)

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The debut EP from GAFK, released in April 2007.

1. Too Much Red Not Enough Red

2. Yes It Yes Is

3. Cest la Vie

4. AKA No

5. Exactly Different

6. SMS To God (Keep up the good work)

“Proving that the legacy of the Birthday Party is far from dead, this Sydney bands debut was an immediate favourite with the title track awash in woozy brass, contrasting the post-hardcore of Yes It Yes Is and the almost Wire-ish AKA No” – Andrew P Street, Drum Media EP of the year 2007

“Guns Are For Kids are coming from the post-punk/no-wave school of “does this song want to stab me in the eye? I really think this song wants to stab me in the eye!” – Adam D Mills, Messandnoise magazine

“Don’t confuse this quartet with the other equation-scrambling (don’t call us) math rock bands doing the rounds. Rooted in jazz and spirited forth by punk, their sounds invites a blur of adjectives but decidedly not ‘Australian’
- Rock Sound UK